551 Karlie Montana

552 Lexa

553 Lexa

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

A model's Life. 10:23

There's no nudity at all in this but Lexa's shy and charming personality is very evident throughout this interview video. She talks about her travels and her favourite shops etc. Her ever present Czech accent and sometimes broken English give her an exotic appeal combined with obvious beauty that is uncommon amongst adult models.

Face off at Center Eyes. 5:22

There's still no nudity yet as we just focus on Lexa's beautiful face and flirty eyes for a while. One look from her gorgeous blue eyes could melt an iceberg. We also see her brushing her hair she continues to flash flirty glances at the camera.

Unclad in the Pad. ITC Favorite 25:21

Lexa's strip tease starts with lots of leg tease while leaning back in the chair with her legs in the air. Before long she stands up and teases you with her spectacular ass. There's lots of butt spreading and jiggling with only a tiny thong string in her ass crack and then again when completely bottomless. She has a brief playful moment where she slaps herself on the ass with her hair brush. After we soak in her jiggling ass for a while she takes her dress off and we see her fantastic figure in multiple poses. She spends some time sitting backwards on the chair with her butt hanging in mid air. We get the underside view of this while she slowly jacks her ass up and down. There's a gorgeous pussy and ass spread while she bends forward and squats over your face. The final pose has Lexa lying on her side showing the beautiful curves in her naked underside.

Mauvey time at the Box Orifice. 8:12

Lexa gets into the masturbation action with a Mauve colored vibrator. The action is quite genuine with really nice positions although we unfortunately lost a couple of minutes of footage from the end of this so it ends rather abruptly with no climax. Her position lying on her side really enhances the wide curves of her ass hanging out over the edge of the chair. The clip ends with Lexa leaning back against the chair with her feet down and her ass squirming in mid air.

Get some poonhang. 2:24

Lexa remains leaning back against the chair and just squirms her bare ass in the air. It is a little bit like a crab walk position with an excellent perspective on her nude undercarriage. At one point you see a small trace of pussy juice flow out of her vagina. She ends in another nice position sitting on the floor with her knees up.