539 Aleksa

540 Debbie White

541 Ashley Jane

Shoot Location: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

You're going Debbie Horny. 14:30

It's a hazy kind of day in St Thomas but Debbie brightens it up with her amazingly voluptuous curves beside the pool. Her camouflage bikini comes off and she shows a few spread pussy and ass poses while standing. She gets down on her knees and crawls around on the deck with her big round butt in the air. Emphasis is on her awesome figure when she lies right down on the deck. With our low camera angle her curves are beautifully framed by the infinite horizon in the background. At the end she gets right in the pool for a quick dip.

A Bask Wet Case. 5:38

After coming out of the pool Debbie lies back in the chair and applies sun lotion all over her body while still wet from the pool. She also gets on her knees and applies lotion to her ass with lots of bend over ass spreading mixed in.

I Friggit what I was Doing. 4:49

Debbie lies back in the chair for a quick pussy fiddling session. Half way through she turns onto her front giving you a nice up the ass view while she continues to frig her pussy with her fingers. There's a little bit of showy moaning in the first part but no real orgasm.

A Hard Drive Backup. 7:42

We focus on Debbie's best asset in this anal dildo masturbation scene. Her position is great lying on her front with her legs spread and her face seen in the background as she pumps the toy in her ass. Her excellent posture gets her ass projecting out in the air for easy ogling. There's are several moments where she takes the toy out of her ass for a nice view of her anus while she flexes it in and out. She has a decent enthusiastic climax to the action with some ass squirming and fasting pumping action involved.