538 Lexa, Kala & Caprice

539 Aleksa

540 Debbie White

Shoot Location: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Where it all went Thong. 8:50

Aleksa's thong is little more than a string in her ass crack and we pay plenty of attention to it starting with the up skirt views. Her ass is virtually as good as nude as her anus peers out from behind the thong. Our view briefly moves up to her face where you will be captivated by her amazing eyes. She then strips down to fully naked and she uses her thong panties to floss her pussy and ass crack. She also spends time flicking her thong over her perky boobs. You get the feeling she is a pretty slick professional that knows what she is doing with her strip tease.

Ass Podium. 5:44

Aleksa kneels on a small platform and gives you lots of naked bend over posing with her ass squirming around in the air. She later turns to lean back on the platform and she does the splits with her legs in the air.

Get off your Soap Box. 8:20

Aleksa starts fondling her pussy while still lying back with her legs split wide open. She soon gets busy with a porcelain dildo with some light pussy pumping action. She then turns to doggy style to finish it and then wags her ass around with the dildo sticking out of her pussy hands free. The masturbation is not especially compelling but visually it is quite appealing.

Hollow down there. ITC Favorite 4:22

The opening shot in this speculum scene is quite captivating as Aleksa's magical eyes gaze back at you while you look up her open pussy. The close up inside view is very well lit and shows a light trace of pussy snot on her cervix. You also see the inside view when she pulls the speculum out. At the end she licks the speculum and even opens it up somewhat while in her mouth.

Showerly I Splay unto thee. ITC Favorite 6:36

Aleka's considerable flexibility is well displayed in this shower scene as she puts her foot way up on the shower wall literally above her head. There's some nice butt soaping while she does the splits with all her sexy bits right out in the open. Then back on the platform she soaps up her ass while bending over on her knees. The scene ends with Aleksa doing the splits front side while rinsing off under the shower.