512 Claudie

513 Miko Sinz

514 Ariel

Shoot Location: St Thomas, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Tropical Sinz Asian. ITC Favorite 19:30

Miko enters the scene slowly strolling down the path and admiring the view before stripping down. We spend some time just admiring Miko's amazingly beautiful long silky hair while she strokes it along with some very nice eye contact. There's a nice segment of butt spreading while she stands with one knee up on the railing. There follows a fantastic underside front view with Miko's pussy hovering right on top of you. This clip is one of our favourites based not so much on what she does but on how good she looks and the amazing location in this slice of Caribbean paradise.

Hot to Twat. 10:43

The toy used here is perhaps a little more decorative than functional so the action is likewise mostly just for show, although there is some nice views with dildo pumping action. You can see her skin glistening as she builds up a sweat in the humid Caribbean heat.

A Floatatious Babe. 8:45

Location and atmosphere are everything in this clip as Miko takes a swim in one of the most beautiful pools we have ever shot. You get right in the pool with her for a leisurely dip while gazing upon her beauty with every move that she makes. With all the water level perspectives it's not too hard to imagine that you are right there with her. There are a few times where she leans right over the infinity edge of the pool with her ass right out of the water giving you a nice view up her ass.