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Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Rep.

Claudie is a particularly quiet and shy model who is perhaps not the most natural performer but she does have really beautiful skin and a gorgeous flawless ass crack. Considering her assets we forego the masturbation content here and just focus on admiring her beautiful features and amazing ass crack for most of this video.

Scene 1

A Claudie Day. 12:00

Claudie wears a cute smile as she does a slow strip tease leisurely displaying her sexy features. We spend quite a lot of time just ogling her perky little titties while she fondles them and flicks her hands over them. There's some slow ass wiggling with her butt standing in front of the camera and then the clip ends with Claudie bending over on her knees showing off her gorgeous naked underside.

In Crease Divide Ends. 10:19

Claudie lies on her front with her legs wide open and we have a long power ogle up her gorgeous ass while she slowly squirms her butt and fondles her cheeks. You have ample time to thoroughly soak your brains in her pretty bum crack with light jiggles enhancing the view. We also bury the camera deep into her ass crack for a detailed look at her anus.

Claudie Feather. ITC Favorite 14:58

Claudie gets all her nicest assets tickled by feathers. She cannot prevent a big grin on her face as the feather lightly brushes over her boobs and then her feet before proceeding down her thighs to her pussy. She turns onto her front and the feather inevitably ends up on her gorgeous ass and then it remains there for the rest of the video. There's two different types of feathers involved in this video starting with the fluffy blue duster and then a regular red feather to get into the finer details of her ass crack. There's some really fantastic close up ass crack views with the feather lightly caressing the sides of her ass crack all around her anus. You will be fascinated by her light twitching motions as the feather makes contact with the skin.