487 Lexa

488 Aleksa & Blue Angel

489 Natali Blond

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

A Doorable Babes. ITC Favorite 19:17

It doesn't get much better than this if you like watching two hot babes posing in unison. At first they stroll into the room one at a time like a fashion show runway and then they both pose and strip in the doorway. At times they are like a mirror image of each other as they virtually make all the same moves and they even wear the same dresses. These two girls are real dynamite together with obvious chemistry, excellent eye contact, sexy flirting with each other and very natural posing. There are several times where you see the two girls walking both towards the camera and away from the camera. There's an excellent segment showing the girls making out with each other with some very genuine kissing. They take a moment to rub their tits together and you have an excellent view of their puffy nipples flicking against each other. They end up on the bed with their butts up in the air and then kissing. The girls are fully nude through the majority of this footage.

In the Lap of Licks your Ass. ITC Favorite 22:51

The posing and teasing is very much over now as the girls engage in some extensive ass licking. Blue Angel masturbates her pussy to a climax while Aleksa's long tongue flicks in her anus. As the girls switch positions there's a very nice segment of slow and sensual tit licking before Blue Angel gets into licking Aleksa's ass. Aleksa lies on her front with her legs split super wide open at 90 degrees to her body giving Blue Angel excellent access to lick her ass. Aleksa's moaning is maybe a little contrived but the ass licking action is really excellent with very deliberate and sensual tongue in anus licking. The kissing action at the end of the clip is very sensual and erotic with excellent close up views of the lips in action.

Double Talk. 1:23

This is just a behind the scenes outtake as the girls tell stories, both at the same time. There's not really any erotic content in this but it does show a little bit of personality.