486 Kala Ferard

487 Lexa

488 Aleksa & Blue Angel

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

This video has the setting of a private airport lounge complete with the outfit of a sexy flight attendant and general airport ambience.

Scene 1

First Class Ass. 16:21

It's hard to imagine a more sexy flight attendant's uniform. Her ass is outrageously gorgeous in this outfit with revealing slits going all the way up over her ass crack. Lexa is quite bashful and yet amused with herself as she gives a little flight attendants spiel to start the video. After the initial speech the focus turns more towards extensive ass ogling with lots of fantastic ass spreads and some very sexy booty bouncing as she stands virtually on top of you. She momentarily gets her tiny thong string wedged right up in her pussy lips until it actually disappears in her slit and ass crack. There's a beautiful segment of close up ass spreading with some gaping pussy accompanying it.

Inthecrack Lounge. ITC Favorite 13:23

Lexa moves to the couch and poses kneeling with one leg up. Her thong remains on but she might as well be completely naked because it is only a tiny tread of fabric that hides literally nothing. She often has her thong pulled aside for maximum pussy and ass ogling. The clip also includes a beautiful pose lying on her side enhancing her already fantastic curves and then she turns onto her front for some amazing ass ogling. She spends quite a long time with her legs open and just slowly squirming her gorgeous ass around making her amazing curves ebb and flow in hypnotic fashion. Near the end she turns onto her back with her legs in the air and she teases with her tiny thong repeatedly pulling it up her thighs and back down into position on her pussy and ass. You'll love how her thong string always disappears in her pussy slit and then pops out again as she pulls the thong up her thighs.

Undulate for Boarding? ITC Favorite 4:29

Lexa is now completely bottomless while her dress, hat and shoes remain on. She poses on the floor in a crab walk position and continually squirms her bare pussy and ass in the air. It's an amazing video if you like to be hypnotized by beautiful shapes and undulating curves.

Cum Fly with us. 15:32

Lexa opens up her carry on case to reveal an entire bag stuffed full of sex toys. She sorts through all the toys until she finds her favourite one. Her posture is quite beautiful as she squats in front of the bag allowing for some nice viewing angles to see her lovely backside curves looking down from above. She then lies back on the floor to use the vibrating toy on her pussy. There's not much "acting" involved with this masturbation scene as she just takes her time to enjoy the toy at her own pace. There is a very gradual build up of excitement and she comes to what is likely a real orgasm at the end of it. There's some very nice pussy spreading at the end of the scene.