455 Chloe James

456 lexa

457 Tori Black

Shoot Location: St Thomas, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

A Vacation with all the Frills. 15:48

Lexa is very color coordinated in this set wearing a blue flamenco style dress with matching shoes, fingernails, panties, ear rings and eye shadow. She does her slow strip tease on a garden path high in the hills of St Thomas with a beautiful view over the sea and the Island in the background. She momentarily breaks into a dance and then we go underneath for a naughty view up her dress. She then poses on the wall with her panties pulled aside. Her pose lying on her side enhances the curves of her hips and ass while she spreads her butt cheeks open.

Half Path Lovin' in the Mooning. 9:33

Lexa does a little bit of nude posing and crawling on the short pathway. Some of it is perhaps a little awkward as her knees crawl on the hard surface, though some of it is also very sexy. The standing pose at the beginning is really sexy showing her curvy side profile with her ass against the wall. There's also some beautiful poses with Lexa lying on her front with her ass jacked up in the air.

The Speckle Tickle. 4:03

Lexa leans back in the chair and she comes to a climax really quickly using a small blue vibrator on her pussy. She then scoots her ass off the edge of the chair and she cums once again just as quickly with her undercarriage hanging in mid air.

A Wander Ass View. ITC Favorite 6:05

Lexa takes a stroll around to the other side of the house and just poses and wanders around naked showing off her spectacular figure beside the pool. This is when Lexa looks her best with a beautiful arch in her back, a gorgeous profile from all angles and all her amazing curves flowing like poetry in motion. Other models could learn how to walk in high heels like Lexa as she makes it seem effortless.

Bashful Banter. ITC Favorite 5:33

This clip is entirely just an interview with Lexa standing naked in front of the beautiful Island view. One of her most endearing characteristics is her charming personality which you never really see much on camera although you get a glimpse of it here. Her Czech accent and broken English are really very sexy. She is clearly a little bashful about talking on camera although this may be quite charming to many. For those interested the off camera voice is that of our model Sophia Sutra.