454 Blue Angel

455 Chloe James

456 lexa

Shoot Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Scene 1

Go Bust in Vegas. 14:03

This video starts out with Chloe applying make up in a posh Las Vegas hotel bathroom. Her short hemline is quite teasing as she moves around in the chair. She stands up to give a nice up the skirt view before moving into the bedroom. After the dress comes off the focus of attention is squarely on her fantastic boobs with lots of tit jiggling and hands free boobie wobbling. There's some brief panty views but the main attraction here is the boobs. Her boobs look really nice when she gets on her knees and bends forward with her dangling boobs swaying and wobbling under her.

Windows Vista. 5:15

Now the panties come off and Chloe stands right in the window sill completely naked with the Las Vegas strip visible in the background. After some full body views we move in close for some excellent low down views looking straight up her ass. There's a little bit of slow squirming and quite a lot of pussy and ass spreading.

What Humpings in Vegas. 6:16

This is all band over posing with Chloe on her knees and all her naughtiest places thrust out in the open for maximum ogling. The views are enhanced with a little bit of butt wobbling and lots of spread pussy and ass.

In Chloe's Quarters. 3:57

Chloe turns onto her back and we move in for a close up pussy view. She soon scoots her ass right off the edge of the chair an she squirms her hovering pussy and ass in your face.

Dong King Boxing. 17:03

Chloe moves to the bed and she does some more really nice bend over posing with her ass wobbling in the air. Pretty soon she starts rubbing her pussy with her bum squirming in the air. She then turns onto her back and starts pumping her pussy with a very large and long dildo. The action is relatively cautious for a while but with long deep strokes burying the toy 8 inches deep into her pussy. After coming to a climax she turns onto her side showing a different perspective with more deep penetrating pussy pumping. The views are especially nice after she removes the toy and she continues rubbing her pussy and spreading her ass while still lying on her side.

Odor Room Cervix. 7:05

Chloe's speculum scene shows just a slight trace of blood coming from her cervix visible in the close up shots. Her bend over position is especially nice with her ass squirming in the air and her gaping vagina waving at you. She eventually moves onto her side and she continues waging her gaping vagina at you.