450 Charlie

451 Nikita

452 Lexi Belle

Shoot Location: St Thomas, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Dine to see you Naked. 9:54

It doesn't take long for Nikita's dress to get hiked up revealing her virtually naked ass with just a tiny thong string in her ass crack. When she spreads her cheeks her anus peeks out from behind the thong. She soon gets completely naked and poses on top of the table showing lots of pussy and ass views. You get quite an eyeful of girlie bits while she lies on her side on the table spreading her ass. Later lying on her back she uses her hands to squeeze and spread her pussy lips.

Squats for Dinner? ITC Favorite 4:35

Nikita turns to squat on her knees on two chairs with her naked undercarriage hovering in mid air over your face. Your excellent low down perspective looking straight up her pussy and ass gives some amazing views. She often squats right down making her sexy curves bulge in your face.

Tenderize the Meat. ITC Favorite 12:02

Now lying back on the table again Nikita uses a light blue vibrator on her pussy while her pussy and ass hang off the edge of the table all dripping with juice and lube. She then turns onto her side and continues toying her pussy while she spreads her ass with the other hand. After a brief doggy style position she finishes it lying on her back with her knees up. As she reaches her orgasm her muscles tense up and there's some nice quivering action. There's tons of really excellent views of a gorgeous shapely underside in action throughout this clip. It ends with a beautiful though brief pussy spread at the end.

A Messy Dining Womb. 3:23

Nikita's speculum scene is anything but tidy. She has lots of small chunky bits of pussy snot clinging to her vagina. There's a little bit of coughing (deliberate) which leads to some interesting convulsing action in the close up inside views.