449 Lea Lexis

450 Charlie

451 Nikita

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

This video has the background sound of heavy rain throughout as it is shot entirely outdoors on a very rainy day. We were fortunate enough to have a sheltered area under a roof so we did not get soaked and yet still have the ambience of a rainy day.

Scene 1

Weather Stripping. 19:01

Charlie performs a slow strip tease beside the pool table gradually getting down to just her tiny thong which also gets pulled aside to reveal everything. The main focus of attention then gravitates to her ass as she spreads it in your face for quite a while. Her voluptuous ass and large featuresome anus are well worthy of a thorough ass worship. After a while her thong comes off and the nude ass spreading continues for several more minutes. We eventual tuck the camera right up in her ass crack for a close up inspection of her anus. The clip ends with a bit of graphic vagina gaping with her two hands spreading it open from behind.

Slit on Slate. 10:17

Charlie gets right up on the pool table and does quite a lot of posing just lying on her back and rolling around in various positions. After taking off her shoes she gets on her knees and spreads her girlie bits with her ass in the air. Her final position lying on her side gets her ass out in the open and affords us a great close up anus view.

Fucking Nice Pool Table. 12:05

Charlie essentially fucks the pool table in this clip as she humps a suction dildo that is stuck to the table. The low down camera angles are especially nice as we gaze straight up her squirming ass with the dildo sliding in and out of her pussy. Her range of mobility is a little limited through much of this action though she does eventually pick up the pace with her pussy sinking almost all the way down on the dildo. There's a nice bit of pussy and ass spreading with ass hole flexing at the end of this clip.

Eye Ball in the Center Pocket. 5:29

Charlie lies on her back on the pool table with a speculum prying her vagina wide open. She also poses on her knees with the speculum still in and her ass squirming in the air. The inside views are particularly interesting as her vagina walls convulse as she gets the giggles.