443 Cathy Campbel

444 Esmeralda & Debbie White

445 Tia Cyrus

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

This entire video is pretty much all pussy and ass massaging from beginning to end with no strip tease and no licking but with lots of fabulous oiled up pussy and ass views.

Scene 1

Greases Pieces. 17:59

Esmeralda lies down on the massage table for a long sensual pussy and ass massage. There's perhaps a few moments with a slight lack of passion but there's certainly no lack of fabulous ass crack views with every pore glistening with detail. Esmeralda has one of the prettiest ass cracks and you'll feel like you are immersed right in it as you watch the oil stream down her crack and over her anus. Part way through she turns onto her back and the attention focuses more on her pussy with a little bit of light finger frigging. She finishes lying on her front one more time and there's considerably more butt squirming as Debbie runs her hands all over her ass and slides her fingers through the depths of her ass crack. The video quality and clarity is quite outstanding throughout this clip.

Working on the Oil Frig. 13:16

The girls switch positions and now Debbie gets her pussy and ass massaged by Esmeralda. It's very similar to the first clip for a while with beautiful oiled ass views but later we get considerably more finger fucking with Esmeralda's fingers digging inside Debbie's pussy. Debbie's pose lying on her side with her ass spread gets all her pretty bits out in the open while Esmeralda continues to finger fuck her. Debbie ends up lying on her back and getting a deep pussy frigging with three fingers probing her vagina.

Massage in a Butt Hole. 3:48

Debbie gets up on her knees bending over for an anal massage involving both fingers and beads. After a quick one finger dig up Debbie's ass hole Esmeralda uses a string of pearly beads stuffing them up her ass and slowly pulling them out. It's brief and perhaps lacking a bit of passion though still quite sexy.