442 Antonya

443 Cathy Campbel

444 Esmeralda & Debbie White

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

The Bum's in the Back Room. 16:30

Cathy's firm and meaty figure gets thoroughly displayed throughout this strip tease. She looks especially good bending over with her smooth and shapely underside squirming in your face and all her bits spread open for inspection. Her attempts to wobble her ass in the air are not so successful but her bare squirming ass is beautiful sight to see. She briefly rubs her pussy a little bit while lying on her side with her butt spread and projecting out over the side of the couch. She ends up lying on her front slowly squirming her ass while we gaze up her beautiful ass crack from inches away.

Work the Dong Shift. ITC Favorite 12:08

Cathy shows some pretty amazing talents using a huge green dildo which she buries all the way inside her pussy. She repeatedly pushes the dildo out while using no hands and even sucks it back in while still using no hands. Though she never pushes it all the way out her vaginal muscle control is really quite impressive. After doing this hands free trick for a while she gets two hands involved and slowly fucks herself with the toy repeatedly going all the way in and coming all the way out with every stroke. The action speeds up considerably near the end as she fucks herself with frenzied passion. For the whole clip she leans back with her knees up almost behind her ears giving maximum exposure to her pussy and ass.

Muscle Muffin. 5:16

Cathy remains leaning back with her legs up as she uses two hands to gape her vagina wide open. She is probably one of the best pussy spreaders on the site. Her vaginal muscle control is on display again here as she constantly pushes out and sucks in her vaginal walls.

I'll Bead Back. 4:39

Cathy bends over on her knees and stuffs a long string of beads up her ass and then slowly pulls them all out. There's lots of excellent bend over ass views with sexy anal action happening in the middle of it all.

Open up, it's the Please. 4:48

You now get to see Cathy's vaginal muscle action from the inside as the speculum holds it all open for inspection. She starts out lying back with her knees up although the sexiest views come when she poses on her knees bending over. The light goes right up her vagina giving some excellent peeks up her pussy while she squirms her ass around. She is very clean on the inside except for one stray hair.