427 Jada Stevens

428 Gracie Glam

429 Sasha Rose

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Booty Double. 13:11

You see twice the girl for the duration of this clip as Gracie does her strip tease in front of a large mirror. The ass tease is shot at the perfect angle so that you see her gorgeous curves in the foreground and her face and figure immediately to the left in the mirror. There's a brief boob fondling segment but the great majority of this clip focuses on her delicious bottom end with her sexy hips and ass curves posing in front of the mirror giving you the front and back view simultaneously. When her panties finally come down you are treated to a fantastic spread ass view. Gracie talks to you quite a lot throughout this clip and to a lesser extent the rest of the video as well.

Glam her Ass. 7:32

Gracie gets on the couch on her knees and shows off lots of non stop bend over and squatting poses with all her naughty places spread open in your face. The full body views show the fantastic curves of her back flowing into the big bulging curve of her ass while the close up views have her sometimes virtually sitting right on your face.

A Side Dish. ITC Favorite 4:59

Now lying on her side Gracie gets the perfect position to show off her spread ass with amazing curves bulging in your face. She gets both hands wrapped around behind her ass to spread everything open. With a little bit of pussy muscle flexing you can even hear the sound of her vagina opening and closing.

You Drive me Gracie. 13:16

Gracie uses two different vibrating dildos for her masturbation action, first penetrating her pussy with a large rubber dildo that makes her ooze out some nice creamy pussy juice. Later she uses a smaller vibrator mostly on her clit and she again spews lots of beautiful girlie juice all down her ass crack. She gets her ass hanging right off the edge of the couch and eventually cums with her quivering thighs virtually clenching around your face. At the end she uses her finger to scoop her juices up off her ass hole and vagina and then sucks it off her fingers.