426 Britney Spring

427 Jada Stevens

428 Gracie Glam

Shoot Location: Miami, Florida

Scene 1

Return of the Jada. ITC Favorite 9:31

This scene has a pretty modern, almost space age feel to it as Jada wears some pretty funky wheel shaped shoes and a glittery silver and black bikini for this strip tease. The main bulk of this clip has Jada dancing completely naked directly over the camera. The perspective is really fantastic as you look straight up from the floor while she squats her spectacular body virtually right on top of you. Her amazing pussy and ass comes right into your face with her sexy boobs protruding in the background.

Clit Fiddling Around. 9:01

Now on the couch Jada starts some light clit rubbing action while bending over and lying on her front giving some great views up her amazing ass through it all. She also poses lying on her back near the end and we move in for a close up pussy view. There is no climax to this as it is more like a warm up for the toy to follow.

Stevens See Gal's Box Orifice Flop. 15:42

Jada's masturbation progresses to a blue vibrating toy which she just rubs against her clitoris while lying on her back. Mid way through she appear like she is finished and we move in close for a few excellent close up pussy views and then she changes her position and starts with the toy again. In the second half she hangs her ass right off the edge of the couch with her voluptuous butt cheeks dangling in mid air and she vibrates her clitoris once again with the toy. The position gives some excellent views of all of her prettiest places with gorgeous feminine shapes bulging prominently in your face. It's not an award winning performance but the views and the girlie bits on display are quite spectacular. She ends the clip sitting on the floor with her knees up in another great position to show off her fantastic body.

Jada's Afraida the Hole Thing. 7:01

Jada's speculum scene is a little different from our usual scenes with an almost unedited behind the scenes type of feel to it at times. There's a few awkward moments as she appears to not know what to do with herself. This may appeal to those who appreciate some realism and a little less polished performance. She talks a little at times and we get some excellent inside views while she is squeezing her pussy muscles around the speculum.