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412 Lexa

413 Aleksa

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

This video is surely one of Lexa's best as she is in fine form with a great performance and looking absolutely amazing. Any and all of these clips could have been considered inthecrack favourites though we are trying to be more selective with this distinction.

Scene 1

Perfect 10. ITC Favorite 13:14

Lexa is surely nothing short of a perfect 10 in this strip tease video. At first you will be captivated by her stunning blue eyes and her flirty smile. Then her bra comes off for us to admire her perfect boobs before we move down to her ridiculously gorgeous ass with the tiny thong of her panties curving up through her deep crack. She spends quite a bit of time teasing with her panties both front and back several times pulling them down and back up and giving some great pussy and ass views while they are down.

I Bend Thinking of You. 4:54

Lexa gets on her knees with her panties down around her thighs and just shows lots of bend over pussy and ass. Her incredible form is truly immaculate with spectacular curves in motion as she slowly squirms and moves around.

Satin Lounge. 4:03

This clip is mostly just a culmination to her strip tease. The panties come all the way off and she poses lying back with her legs in the air. She has some beautiful poses displaying her gorgeous curves and there's lots of very nice smiles.

Praise the Higher Power. ITC Favorite 15:22

Lexa uses a small vibrating toy that seems to be broken in that it only has one power level which is simply too strong for her. Her initial reactions are quite amusing as she gets all giggly and makes funny comments about the situation. After a while she resigns to the limitations of the toy and it works better than she could have ever imagined as she ends up have perhaps one of her best orgasms ever. After the orgasm she turns the toy off for a small break and then turns it on again to see if she can repeat the performance. Her reaction the second time show that her clitoris has gotten to a point of hyper sensitivity as she winces at the lightest touch to her clit although she adjusts to it and has another two fantastic orgasms. We can honestly say that this performance is about as authentic as it gets with lots of personality, very genuine reactions to the vibrations and obvious passion and arousal.

Anal Attentive. 11:28

Lexa strikes a great pose with her ass out in the open for this anal dabbling display. At first she just caresses her anus with her finger and then she uses the same toy as in the previous clip but without the vibrations. There is no crazy action involved with this as it is only her second time experimenting with anal insertion so she is somewhat cautious though she looks great doing it. The second half involves a great bend over pose while she continues to dabble the toy in her ass. After she is done with the toy the clip ends with Lexa lying on her front with her legs open showing a beautiful up the ass view while she slowly squirms her ass around.

A Gay Charade. 0:46

This is just a brief behind the scenes outtake with an off camera voice teasing Lexa and making her laugh. One of our film crew had a talent for speaking with a gay accent which always cracks her up. Actually we missed the best of this but what little there is here is amusing as she becomes somewhat bashful and then can't help but laugh.