410 Ariel X

411 Nicole Grey

412 Lexa

Shoot Location: Miami, Florida

Unfortunately we caught Nicole on not the best of days with her girlie bits being "out of commission" resulting in the primary focus of attention being on her ass. There are periods where her performance is a little lacklustre and yet she still looks good and she obviously has a great ass. The 4th clip here is certainly the best of this bunch with more enthusiastic and perky presence.

Scene 1

In the Grey Zone. 12:52

Nicole is somewhat talkative and cheerful at the beginning of this video though she soon becomes quiet as she just poses and shows off her body. There's a rather detailed extreme close up view of her anus followed by some nice bend over ass wobbling. The latter portion is all close up ass spreading views while she manipulates her ass cheeks with her hands.

Thanks for Pointing that out. 6:07

Nicole has a little poke around in her ass with one finger dabbling in her ass hole. It's generally just a slow poke in preparation for the real action with the toy that follows in the next clip. Most impressive are the large butt cheeks that virtually engulf her anus which is really only visible when she spreads her ass open.

You Fuckin' Bum. 8:27

Nicole uses a small blue toy with a marbly pattern on it for this anal scene. She proceeds quite cautiously for a while though there is also some nice ass wobbling motion mixed in. The brief spread ass view at the end is very nice.

Moon Walker. 8:32

Nicole has perhaps the ultimate bubble butt so we just had to capture her fantastic form in motion on the elliptical exercise machine. Her genuine personality surfaces in this clip as she obviously has a good time with it and she talks to you quite frequently through it all. Her motions are sometimes slightly eccentric which adds to the interest of the video. She ends with a few stretches standing beside the exercise machine.