386 Lexi Belle

387 Jada Stevens

388 Lea Lexis

Shoot Location: Miami, Florida

Scene 1

Wheely Nice Jeans. 8:45

Jada looks quite stunning in her skin tight blue jeans, mesh top, and a rather odd but interesting pair of shoes. She spends quite a lot of time just posing and squirming around in her jeans. Her form looks especially nice when she bends over from the side profile. Later she lowers her jeans to just under her ass revealing that she has no panties on. Her ass tease with her jeans just under her buttocks is especially enticing with an abundance of beautiful spread ass views.

She's Under Evaluated. 6:55

Now with her jeans off we head under her naked pussy and ass for a detailed ogle of her girlie places. She spreads her legs and stands with her bare pussy hovering inches above your face. After a couple of minutes in the front side view she turns around and spreads her pussy and ass from behind giving you a fantastic view up her privates with her vagina gaping open. There's some very nice bum wiggling in the last portion of this clip.

Make an Ass Humption. ITC Favorite 8:18

Jada gets on her knees on the couch and shows off some very sexy ass wobbling action with her ass cheeks bouncing in the air. She then lies down on her front with her legs together and does a very sexy ass wiggle and lots of ass spreading. There's a virtual avalanche of fantastic ass views to follow through the remainder of this clip. At this point you'll probably notice her grooming is not as flawless as most models and yet it is absolutely obvious that she has a truly spectacular ass worthy of fanatical worship.

Don't be Checkin' Shit. 12:45

Jada's anal scene features a very nice looking blue toy and a multitude of great ass views. It's quite obvious that she was paranoid about the toy not coming out of her ass clean because she keeps checking it. Despite this occasional distraction the clip is highly watchable and entertaining thanks to her amazingly gorgeous ass. Multiple times she buries the toy deep up her ass and lets it slide out under it's own momentum. Her fantastic posture gets her amazing ass curves out in the open for maximum ogling pleasure and there's some sexy anus muscle flexing in the close up views. The majority of this clip involves lots of simple dabbling and casual fiddling around combined with excellent posing to show off her ass to the maximum, though the action does heat up a little towards the end and she digs the toy in her ass with some more enthusiasm.

Scene 2

Skinny Dripping. 1:35

Jada takes a quick pee outdoors while squatting beside the pool on a beautiful sunny day. When she stands up and turns around you can see drops of her pee splattered all over her ass cheeks. She then has a quick dip in the pool to rinse off and shows a brief ass spread.