385 Sophia Sutra

386 Lexi Belle

387 Jada Stevens

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

A Black and White Sequins. 7:42

Lexi's black sequin outfit has a hypnotic shimmering sparkle to it with reflected light dancing around her shapely ass curves as she moves. There's not a lot of full nudity in this strip tease clip though it is very nice if you like inspecting the fit of a girl's pants on her ass. Half of this footage is in full body view.

From Squat to Bottom. ITC Favorite 14:42

This clip is a thorough inspection of Lexi's undercarriage with multiple low angle views and some fantastic squatting positions. It starts with some great ass spreading and then progresses into some amazing floor angle views from directly under her pussy and ass as she squirms and squats over your face. You see this action from both the front side and the back side with no fingers obscuring any of her important places. At the half way point she gets up on the table in doggy style and squatting with her bare ass hanging off the edge of the table. There are several moments where you see her reflection in the mirror in the background while you simultaneously gaze up her pussy and ass inches in front of your face. Your position under her squatting ass gives you quite an eyeful of girlie bits. There's a brief break from the pussy and ass ogling with a very nice full body view in the mirror and then you get a very nice spread ass view while she lies on her side. At the end she lies on her back and jacks her ass up and down.

Tinker Belle. 5:20

Lexi warms up her pussy with a little bit of pussy rubbing and fingering while still lying on her back. She ends up lying on her side in the second half with some nice ass curves bulging prominently in your view while she continues fiddling with her pussy. Her pussy lips are a little bit red, perhaps from a razor rash of else it might be her natural color.

Drive a Hot Rod. 6:35

Lexi gets down to business with a pink rod shaped vibrator. She remains lying on her back with the rod at first probing in and out of her pussy and later just rubbing on her clit as she reaches her climax.