369 Lexa

370 Sophia Sutra

371 Natalia Rossi

Shoot Location: Miami, Florida

This video is perhaps not the most eventful as far as action as much of it is only posing, though Sophia does look really cute and she displays some nice personality and tons of graphic close up ass views. The attention in this video is primarily focused on ass all the way through.

Scene 1

A Crack Down on Violets in the Slitty. 15:56

This strip tease clip features lots of great up skirt views both with and without panties. Sophia sometimes talks to you through this clip though it is not so much like dirty talk but rather casual banter about sexy things. There's some really gorgeous bum crack views as we move right up into her ass crack to ogle her anus while she fondles and massages her ass cheeks. There's a little bit of ass bouncing and some nice anus muscle flexing as we soak in her ass for quite a long time. At the end she lets her hair down and slowly unzips her sexy dress to display her fully naked figure.

Laze a Butt. 9:46

Now fully naked Sophia gets on the bed to show off her tail with lots of ass cheek muscle flexing followed by more anal muscle flexing with her cheeks spread wide apart. She poses first in doggy style and then lying on her front and finally lying on her side. The pace is pretty casual with lots of non stop up the ass ogling.

Ass Pokes Person. 20:05

Sophia has a long slow dabble up her ass hole with one finger followed by a small dildo. Your face is often wedged right up between her ass cheeks to ogle her pretty anus at sniffing distance while she lightly penetrates it and flexes her anal muscles in your face. This is her first time sticking anything up her ass so it's generally fairly slow and cautious though very sensual. She becomes quite talkative again frequently babbling about sexy things while you gaze up her ass. At one point there is a second off camera female voice briefly involved with her conversation as she starts talking to the crew.