368 Louisa Lanewood

369 Lexa

370 Sophia Sutra

Shoot Location: Edmonton, Canada

Scene 1

The Tease to the Car. 11:35

Lexa's favorite activity is shopping so we took her to the world's largest shopping mall in Edmonton. What you see here is the culmination of her shopping spree as she returns to her car and then does a little strip tease in the parking lot. Though we are not so inclined to risk full public nudity this video is shot in a semi public setting with full nudity and some sounds of cars and people in the audio. The pictures for this set are a little more risque as we were feeling a little more brave by the time we shot the pictures. Some of the skin is a little overexposed due to the camera overcompensating for the dark car. The biggest portion of this video has Lexa posing naked in the passenger seat of the car with the door wide open while she show lots of spread pussy and ass views.