342 Nicole Grey

343 Lola

344 Elizabeth Anne

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Pantyless in Paradise. 8:20

Lola poses in her short animal print dress in the driveway of an exotic tropical mansion. With a few sneaky peeks you soon see that she has no panties on underneath. Before long she has her dress hiked all the way up near her boobs with her bare pussy and ass exposed to the breeze. We get some lovely low angle pussy and ass views with her bare ass framed against blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

Resort to the Bare Essentials. 6:44

We follow Lola up the stairs all the way from the driveway to the bedroom balcony with an ass view the whole way up the stairs. There's a bit more camera motion than usual here due to the hand held camera. Then Lola poses on the balcony in front of a beautiful tropical island view and continues her strip tease. The sun frequently comes and goes creating multiple interesting lighting conditions on her beautiful youthful skin.

Private Balcony Show. ITC Favorite 9:21

Now on the chair Lola bends over on her knees showing some drop dead gorgeous pussy and ass views. Her youthful underside is about as flawless as one could possibly be. With a little bit of squirming motion and a hand spreading the ass you get a very nice eyeful of absolutely perfect pussy and ass. She then poses lying on her side showing more beautiful spread pussy and ass views. The close up crack view is quite stunning with her two private places filling your screen in crystal clear detail. Later while lying on her back with her knees up she just fiddles with her pussy lips spreading it all open and displaying her beautiful youthful perfection.

Lola's Love-a-Lay. ITC Favorite 10:15

Lola gets busy masturbating with a bright yellow jelly dildo. The view is exceptionally nice with her creamy butt cheeks filling your view and her vagina gaping open every time she takes the dildo out between strokes. She later turns onto her side to continue the action with her ass spread open. The close up view in this side position is especially nice with lots of open pussy views and private places filling your screen. She finishes it lying on her back as she picks up the pace to a climax. Throughout the entire clip she continually alternates the toy between insertion and external clitoris rubbing which also maximizes the open pussy views and varies the action nicely.

Can I get some Cervix out here? 4:44

Lola leans back in the chair with her knees up with a speculum sideways in her pussy holding her vagina wide open. The inside view is really nice with good lighting and showing that she is also flawless on the inside. Later she poses with the speculum in vertically for a slightly different perspective on her vagina. In both angles you see the inside view while he pulls the speculum out still open so that you see her vagina closing behind the speculum.