341 Zuzana Z

342 Nicole Grey

343 Lola

Shoot Location: Miami, Florida

There's not a whole lot of pussy action in this video as unfortunately her her bits were "out of commission" on the day. However, it's a great video for those who love a big bubble butt because Nicole has some serious junk in the trunk.

Scene 1

Grey's Anatomy. 15:45

Nicole poses beside the bathtub for quite a long time as she shows off her boobs and her butt. It's clearly evident that all her curvy places are extra firm and tight. There's some tight butt jiggling and plenty of underside views though the mood is rather slow with a lot of casual posing. There is one especially nice pose with Nicole sitting on the edge of the tub with her ass hanging way out over the edge of the tub. The view down her back is really nice with the beautiful curves in her small waist ballooning into her big heart shaped ass. Of course we also spend some time inspecting her ass from directly underneath in this position.

Bobble Bubble Butt. ITC Favorite 23:11

You do see Nicole in several positions in her bathtub scene but there is one particular pose and theme that are most impressive and predominant with Nicole that features a lot of bending forward on her knees with some butt wobbling and dipping her ass in the water. It's impressive because of her extra shapely back and her big bubble butt. The views from high over top really show off her back side curves beautifully as she wobbles her ass and dunks it in the water. You also get right in the tub behind her ass at water level to ogle the curves as she bobs her butt up and down. There's a particularly nice close up view in Nicole's ass crack and pussy with water pouring down her crack between glistening cheeks. She spends a lot of time bending over on her knees in this clip and it gives some really fantastic views for butt lovers. Near the end Nicole sits on the edge of the tub again and shows her lovely back curves with a nice arch in her back and once again we look up her ass from underneath.

Urine a Hangover Position. 0:58

It seemed obvious that we had to get Nicole peeing while she sat on the edge of the tub with her ass hanging out in space. Unfortunately the peeing itself is very brief but the view of the position last a little longer.