323 Dani Jensen

324 Renee Perez

325 Jada Stevens

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

This set is shot at dusk in a very nice bedroom setting with open doors overlooking an ocean and island scene. As the daylight disappears the sound track has the pleasant background sound of various exotic tropical birds and night creatures.

Scene 1

Agent Double O Heaven. ITC Favorite 14:48

Renee has the look of a secrete agent with her classy updo and her tight black dress. She poses standing beside the bed giving some fantastic up skirt views with her pretty thong panties peeking out from underneath. Then lying on the bed there's more beautiful up skirt panty views and her dress eventually comes right up with her ass right out in the open. The panties later come off with much leg teasing and we engage in some delightful pussy and ass ogling in a couple of different positions including some very nice pussy spreading with her ass in the air.

Concealed Weapon. 10:21

Renee uses a slim blue dildo in this anal masturbation scene. She starts lying on her back with her legs in the air before turning onto her side although the majority of it has her lying on her front for maximum up the ass views. The digs the dildo quite deep in her ass hole most of the time but then gives some nice bare ass views at the end including some excellent anus flexing with your nose right in her crack.

James Fondle. 16:37

Renee is seen lying down on her front on a towel as she invites you to give her ass an oil massage. The camera sneaks right up between her thighs to admire the action as your hands leisurely explore all over her pussy and ass caressing every intimate detail in her private places. There's a really gorgeous ass crack view as one finger lightly caresses her anus. The hands then rub into her ass crack and pussy a little more vigorously from both over top and underneath. She also poses on her side and on her back for a while allowing the hands to work her pussy. Some of this is even shot with Renee propped up on her shoulders with her privates high in the air. She finishes it lying on her front once again for a thorough pussy and ass fondling massage with her ass squirming around in the air as the hands grind into her privates more vigorously. This clip would not be suitable for those who do not enjoy the sight of male hands in the picture.

Scene 2

License to Spill. 1:24

Renee takes a pee squatting over the top of the bathtub while you view it all from low and behind from right inside the tub looking up at her ass. It's a pretty long pee with some prominent anus flexing between squirts.