322 Tea

323 Dani Jensen

324 Renee Perez

Shoot Location: Malibu

Scene 1

Baggy Bunches. 13:13

Dani's shorts soon come off to reveal her pink scrunchy butt panties with an unusual fit full off bunches and baggy sections (it looks a little better than it sounds). After a substantial amount of panties posing and teasing she pulls the strings to release her panties and poses wearing only her pink top. Much of the remaining footage features some nice low angle views up her lovely ass which would be flawless if not for a small razor nick from shaving.

Dani Bend a Good Girl? 5:24

Dani gets on the chaise lounge bending over with her ass in the air for some very nice pussy and ass viewing. A little bit of a wiggle enhances the view with all her pretty places out in the open. Her mood is very relaxed and slow moving giving a number of lingering views up her privates.

You Look Fervorless. 19:13

Dani leans back on the chaise lounge for an extensive masturbation session with a pretty relaxed pace. For much of this she takes it perhaps a little too slow looking a little bit listless at times, though if you like a relaxed mood you will still enjoy this as there are many very nice pussy and ass views. After some very light pussy lip dabbling Dani uses a pink and silver vibrator to further warm up her pussy. Though the action is all slow and relaxed for 95% of this clip everything changes at the moment of climax as she reaches one of the best real orgasms we have shot to date. Her quivering thighs and clenching anus are the give away clue to her real orgasm. It takes a long time to come but it is worth the wait. The end section has some very nice clear close up views of her open pussy lips post orgasm with light pussy juice glistening in her slit.

Little Red Rump & Hood. 11:49

Dani turns onto her side to have a little dabble up her ass hole with a slim red dildo. The close up view clearly shows her little extra skin flap extending from her perineum into her anus. Once again the mood is pretty relaxed with slow dabbling giving some very intimate and detailed looks at her anus whenever the toy comes out of her ass. She moves onto her front and we get some beautiful ass crack views while she continues dabbling in her anus. The clip ends with a very nice ass spread while lying on her side again although she appears ready to sleep at this point.