319 Lola

320 Jana Jordan

321 Alexis Texas

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Juicy Jordan in the Garden. 6:32

Jana stands on a chair to pick some oranges from the orange tree while you gaze up from below with some rather nice up skirt views. She then sits on her knees and peels an orange and starts eating it. This clip does not exactly have a lot of nudity in it as none of her clothes come off although there is a brief pussy view when she pulls her panties aside. She does show some nice personality as she juggles the oranges and sensually slurps the orange juice and then licks her fingers.

Jana's Gems. 7:09

Jana turns around to show off her flawless tail end in a doggy style pose with her bare ass up and her panties pulled aside. There's a fair amount of pussy lip squeezing making her thick pussy lips bulge even more than they already do. Later lying on her back she gets completely naked and does some posing with her legs in the air before going doggy style one more time to wag and wobble her bare ass in the air.

A Smooth Cunt Artist. 8:27

Jana gets into the finger masturbation first while lying on her front giving some fantastic views up her ass while she fondles and rubs her pussy. It is soon obvious that she has really smooth flawless skin all through her beautiful pussy and ass crack area. In the close up views her thick bulging pussy lips are quite prominent. Later she turns onto her back and continues masturbating with her knees up and your face between her legs.

Double Burger, extra Mayo. ITC Favorite 11:00

The masturbation continues now with the addition of a vibrating dildo that looks amazing penetrating her pussy. Her thick lips really bulge as they wrap around the toy and there's a beautiful stream of creamy girlie juice that gathers on her lips and spews down her ass crack. This clip has some of the prettiest penetration and pussy views we've ever shot with really gorgeous lips and beautiful gooey pussy juice oozing and caking her lips through almost all of it. In the later part she turns up the vibrations and jams the toy between her lips causing them to bulge and wrap half way around the toy. It ends with a really beautiful close up spread pussy view as she peels her lips apart with two fingers.

Crack Petaller. 4:28

Jana plays with some flower petals lining them all up along her pussy slit and stuffing one up her anus. She turns over with her ass in the air and wobbles her ass until the petals all fall off and then she sticks another little flower in her anus. There's a nice little bit of close up anus winking near the end of this video.