318 Ashli Orion

319 Lola

320 Jana Jordan

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Doll Cheeks & Cabana. 15:10

Lola is like a real life doll posing beside the pool table with a light breeze blowing through her hair. We pause on her perfect little titties for quite a while as she massages them with her hands. After the jean skirt comes off we get a really beautiful low angle up the ass view with excellent lighting. She massages her butt cheeks for a while before pulling her panty thong aside to show her bare crack. Then fully naked she poses with one knee raised on the pool table and spreads all her pretty places in your face. Her bend over posing on top of the table is very nice with her bare pussy and ass squirming only inches away. She ends up lying on her front and side showing some really gorgeous spread ass views with lovely flawless cheeks filling your screen.

Sink it in the Horny Pocket. 22:00

Lola's masturbation scene is quite extensive with both finger and toy masturbation sections. It starts with Lola lying on her back and her legs in the air just showing off her bare pussy as she spreads it. There's plenty of pure flawless perfection to be seen in the close up spread pussy view with not a speckle of stubble in sight anywhere. She has a long pussy rubbing session before progressing on to a short lumpy red vibrator. She fucks herself with the toy for quite some time while lying both on her back and her front. After a while she turns the vibrator on and rubs her clit to a climax. The clip ends as it started with another beautiful close up spread pussy view.

An Ass of Poke a Lola. 13:03

Lola's anal scene starts with some very nice ass spreading mixed with some finger dabbling in her ass hole. She progresses to a slim ribbed dildo half way through and continues poking her ass with it. She frequently brings the toy out of her ass giving you a really decent view of her bare ass crack and anus area. There's a fantastic close up view right in her ass crack watching the toy dip in and out of her anus. The clip ends with some very nice butt massaging and spreading as she kneads her bum cheeks with her hands. The action is generally very good but nothing compared to the stunningly beautiful ass flesh on display in this footage.

Scene 2

Hammock Hottie. 3:57

Lola moves out into the sun to pose on the hammock. She doesn't do anything much other than pose and spread in a couple of different positions though it all looks amazing with the beautiful waterfront setting, vibrant colors and interesting light and shadow from the palm trees.