283 Carli Banks

284 Alisson & Gina

285 Zuzana Z

Shoot Location: Luka Nad Jihlavou, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Explore the Pal Ass. 9:57

Alisson and Gina get acquainted while sitting on the couch and then slowly strip each others dresses off. They spend some time admiring each others butts with the panties on before getting completely naked. There's no sexual action in this yet as the main portion of this sees the girls gently massaging, spreading and admiring their asses. The girls start out talking softly to each other but become quieter as they get distracted with fondling each others butts.

Couple of Nosy Fuckers. 10:48

Alisson and Gina each put on crazy masks with super long noses which then become their sex toys. With Gina lying down on her back Alisson mounts her nose and humps it like a dildo. They then switch positions with Gina leaning back on the couch and Alisson plunges her nose right up Gina's pussy. At the end Gina removes her mask and sucks her pussy juices off Alisson's nose. The masks made it a little awkward to get any serious action going but it is certainly very unusual and interesting action none the less.

The Mona Licka Panting. 24:18

The girls get into the full lesbian action now with every girly place getting the tongue bath treatment including the nipples, pussy and ass hole. This clip has a substantial abundance of contrived moaning making it quite obvious this is all an act with questionable sincerity. We recommend watching it only for the eye candy. If you turn off the sound it's quite nice to watch and the butt hole licking is very nice.