282 Iris

283 Carli Banks

284 Alisson & Gina

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Thong Island Nice Tease. 13:11

Carli does a strip tease on the pool deck with an impressive island and ocean view in the background. Unfortunately the weather was a little overcast making the colors not as vibrant as they could have been though the setting is still quite fantastic. There's a fair amount of dirty talking as Carli talks to you through much of this video. She does a nice ass wobble on her knees with her tiny thong really not covering any of her private places at all. There's a little bit of finger masturbation at the end of this clip.

In the Bank Buzzness. 9:04

Carli uses a couple of vibrators to buzz her pussy in a couple of different positions. Part of this is on one knee with the view from underneath but the biggest part has Carli leaning back in the chair. She pokes one vibrator inside her pussy with the other one gets jammed against her clitoris. There's some pretty interesting pussy noises at the end as she dabbles her finger in her pussy making gooey sounds.

Open a Bank Account. 9:09

There's some very nice open pussy views in this clip mostly all with Carli's hands wrapped around behind her ass and prying her vagina wide open. She lies on her front for most of this with her spread pussy and ass crack right out in the open. There's also a brief bit off ass jiggling and some very nice ass crack views. She later turns over onto her back and spreads her pussy some more. Her pussy sometimes looks so perfect that it seems like she could be a rubber sex doll.

Broken Peeses. 3:12

This is 4 pee scenes all rolled into one clip. Those who like to nit pick will find plenty of technical glitches to gripe about in these pee scenes but we're showing these anyway because she is really very entertaining.