273 Lexa

274 Alyssa Reece

275 Sonia Red

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

She's got Good Jeans. 9:47

Alyssa just poses for a while in her rather stylish jeans and polka dot top. She lets her nipples peek out of her top and then starts to strip off. She poses for a while in only her black thong panties and then lying on her side we get a great spread ass view with the thong eventually pulled aside showing all her best places.

Chick 'n Fingers and Cries. 10:48

Alyssa gets completely naked and quickly gets into the finger masturbation lying on her back on the couch. She later turns over to continued rubbing her pussy while lying on her front giving you a great view up her ass. She finishes it off leaning over the back of the couch in doggy style with her ass in your face. Her moaning becomes a little bit like cries as the action picks up. She obviously has a fantastic pussy and ass and looks amazing bending over.

Wink Hole Wink Hole Little Star. ITC Favorite 6:03

Alyssa remains in the bend over position with her ass sticking out in you face as she shows off her anus in motion with lots of excellent anal muscle flexing. Her voluptuous ass and shapely ass crack look fantastic in this bend over position. Most of this is shot at close range with her pussy and ass completely filling your screen. The rest is shot right in her ass crack gazing straight at her anus as it winks back at you.

Screeching Buzzard. ITC Favorite 9:39

The masturbation starts again now with a little blue vibrator which she just jams hard against her clitoris. There is no insertion. There's a few different positions including some really nice up ass views in doggy style. However the best part has Alyssa leaning back on the couch with her ass hanging off the edge giving some outstanding views with her quivering pussy and ass filling your screen. You might need to reduce the volume as her moaning becomes quite intense turning to blood curdling screeches that could easily rouse your neighbors. After she calms down we get some very nice close up clitoris views as she lightly dabbles the vibrator on the tip of her sensitive little knob.

A Great in Vagination. 7:07

The close up inside views in this speculum scene are not the same as our usual speculum scenes due to the lack of miniature camera however we do get in fairly close with everything in view, sometimes in focus and sometimes marginally out of focus. Close up issues aside Alyssa's bend over pose with the speculum holding her pussy wide open is really outstanding. We get some excellent light all the way up her pussy to her cervix so you can see her insides and her entire pussy and ass at the same time.