272 Kina Kai

273 Lexa

274 Alyssa Reece

Shoot Location: Luka Nad Jihlavou, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Go Figure. 7:02

The spectacular Lexa quickly strips out of her jean shorts to show off her amazing figure. While sitting on the side of an ottoman we take the camera under her ass as it hangs out over the edge. She also shows off her beautiful rear while standing in her panties. Her lacy white panties look amazing following the contours of her ass crack both in the sitting and standing positions. Near the end she gets fully naked and she is a vision of pure beauty just posing nude.

Gorge Ass. 10:39

We take some time to just soak in Lexa'a amazing rear end. At first she just squirms her voluptuous tail in front of your face and then she begins to spread it open. Later without the squirming she just spreads it, drops it and pats it displaying her gorgeous ass bounce. There's the odd moment where you can see a small gob off pussy goo in her vaginal opening. The latter half of this clip is all bend over posing as Lexa poses on her knees on the chair along with some moderate ass spreading. The only other time you will see an ass this perfect is in one of Lexa's other videos.

Nearby Hangs a Tail. 7:00

Lexa sits backwards on a small chair with her ass hanging out in mid air. We spend most of this clip just gazing up her gorgeous undercarriage with her bum spread open and all her prettiest places right out in the open. We eventually take the camera all the way up her ass crack for a microscopic inspection of her spectacular anus. She does some very nice anus flexing while we ogle it at sniffing distance. The last shot is a full body view from the side showing Lexa's amazing figure with spectacular curves around her back, hips and buttocks.

A Sweet Ass Massage. ITC Favorite 18:31

Lexa is strictly a softcore model though apparently a decent oily ass massage was not out of the question. We weren't about to pass up the chance to give this perfect ass a good fondling. The pussy was out of bounds but her rear gets a truly fantastic working over with lots of slow erotic caressing and spreading. She has a slow ass squirm going through almost all of the bum fondling action pressing her ass back against the exploring hands as they travel through her ass crack. The action and the view only get better and better as it progresses with some really spectacular close up ass crack massaging. It's all very slow and sensual with very intimate ass crack views as the fingers lightly explore the deepest regions of her ass crack. Simply put, ass crack views do not get any prettier than this. Note: Male hands are involved in this massage scene.