267 Victoria Sweet

268 Georgia Jones

269 Michelle

Shoot Location: Malibu

This setting is certainly one of the best and most unique sets we've ever shot. It's not a staged set but in fact a real old cowboy saloon out on a dusty back country hillside. If you dream of having your way with a drunk cowgirl hottie this will hit the spot. The video quality is spectacular throughout.

Scene 1

Shoot out at the OK Saloon. ITC Favorite 21:44

In an old cowboy western saloon Georgia plays the part of a slutty beer drinking cowgirl with attitude. Ordinarily we might not like this kind of attitude but it really suits the set and she plays it well without overdoing it. Just don't expect to see too much ladylike behavior as she scuffs her feet when she walks and generally looks slightly tipsy. At first you see her swigging on a beer with her ass hanging off the edge of a barrel. When she stands up her ass cheeks hang right out the bottom of her super short cut off jean shorts. She goes up on the stage to do a quick strip tease followed by extensive amounts of naked ass and pussy spreading in your face. Later she comes back to the table sitting with her bare ass hanging off the edge of the barrel and we get some great views from directly underneath with her ass hanging in mid air.

Gimme the Fuckin' Bottle. ITC Favorite 11:56

Georgia gets right up on the table top and starts using her empty beer bottle for a sex toy. She slaps and rubs the bottle neck on her pussy for a little while before stuffing it inside her pussy. Parts of this look slightly awkward thanks to the rather hard toy and hard table top yet it all still looks spectacular. She masturbates with the bottle in several positions including squatting on top of it with her pussy and ass humping up and down the length of the bottle neck. You can clearly see her creamy cum juice seeping down inside the bottle. She finishes it off lying on her back thrusting the bottle in her pussy with enthusiasm. When she takes the bottle out you can see the inside is completely smeared with creamy pussy juice.

Explore the Cuntry side. 3:16

Georgia spreads her pussy open while still lying on her back. Though her tenderized pussy doesn't open up particularly wide at this point we do at least get a nice close up look at it.