266 Veronica

267 Victoria Sweet

268 Georgia Jones

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

The Green Teen. 11:15

The youthful Victoria Sweet does a little bit of posing and stripping on the bed wearing her matching green top and panties. There's quite a lot of panty ogling as she starts rubbing her pussy through her panties creating a little wet spot on her crotch. She sometimes digs her fingers in through the panties near her vagina creating a bit of a cameltoe. When she eventually gets her panties partway up her thighs she poses with her knees together and up in the air making her super smooth pussy lips bulge together between her thighs. She gently caresses her pussy lips squeezing them together to make the bulge even more.

Squirmit the Frig. 11:43

Now bottomless Victoria gets her hands busy with a little bit of finger masturbation. The great majority of this has Victoria lying on her front with her legs open giving a great view up her squirming ass while she rubs her pussy. She loses some momentum in the middle section which is actually a good thing for a good clear view of all her pretty bits. Later the action becomes quite a bit more excited as she humps her pussy against her rubbing hand. The up pussy and ass views are really very good with a nice clear look at her very curvy and pretty undercarriage and some nice action once she gets going.

Sweet Baby Toes us. 3:51

Victoria takes her top off to get fully naked before sitting down on the bed. We focus in on her feet and toes with some very nice close up toe views especially for the foot fetish people. There's certainly no calluses on these youthful feet and her toe nails are nicely polished. She even has little butterflies painted on her toe nails.

A Playing Pink Dip Stick. 7:36

Victoria uses a rather enormous foot long pink vibrating dildo on her sweet young pussy rubbing it on her clit and dipping it inside her pussy. After a while she gets two hands involved with one pumping the dildo while the other rubs her clitoris bringing herself to a climax. She remains lying on her back for the duration of this masturbation scene.

A Feel Good Ending. 3:03

Still lying on her back with her legs open Victoria just spreads her pussy for a short while and then lifts her ass off the bed to caress her ass checks.