235 Kelly Summer

236 Alyssa Reece & Sophia Santi

237 Lola

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Movie Rump Doubles. 14:34

It seemed rather obvious to get these two voluptuous rear ends walking on the treadmill. You see both Alyssa and Sophia on the treadmill one at a time, first with their bikini bottoms on and then naked. After Alyssa's bottoms are off Sophia applies some oil to her ass while she continues to walk. The view of her oiled ass is really nice though the enthusiasm is a bit lacking. Besides the obvious ass in motion views we also get some nice front side views and there's a particularly nice front side angle on Sophia with all her curves in motion while she fondles her boobs. Neither one of the girls are particularly a natural at working it and perhaps they're not so graceful though there's plenty of junk in the trunk to watch in motion.

Pair o' G'oils. 10:39

This naked sun bathing session quickly turns into a nice oil massage in the sun as the girls take turns oiling up each other's butts. There's nothing much sexual about this action though it is particularly nice if you like oiled up asses glistening in the sun. Both girls show a really nice bend over position with little streams of oil running down their cracks. Sophia spends some time lightly slapping Alyssa'a ass which unfortunately splatters a little bit of debris on the camera lens though we soon clean it off and the view is excellent. We get in close in Alyssa'a ass crack as Sophia briefly dabble her finger in Alyssa's anus. There's also a little bit of anus winking while all the pretty bits glisten in the sun.

Aqua Frolics. 8:08

The mood turns totally playful now as the girls take turns squirting each other with water pistols. Alyssa gets on her knees bending over with her ass in the air and Sophia plays target practice with her ass hole. There's tons of great bulls eye hits with water squirting Alyssa right in the anus. She also increases the level of difficulty with her ass bouncing in the air for a moving target. Then the girls switch position with Sophia lying back with her legs open and Alyssa squirts her in the coochie. She gets quite a reaction when the squirt hits her right in the clitoris. Alyssa also squirts Sophia's bouncing boobs as she jiggles them in the air. After a quick water fight the scene ends with the two girls in the jacuzzi.