234 Lucy Lee

235 Kelly Summer

236 Alyssa Reece & Sophia Santi

Shoot Location: Montreal

Scene 1

Lean Cuisine. 16:03

Tall and slender Kelly poses in the dinning room in her super short striped dress with no panties on underneath. You get little glimpses of naked pussy once in a while as she moves her legs around. Later on top of the table her legs open up for a full on naked pussy ogle. She then stands up and plays with her boobs for a short while before we go down under to look up her naked pussy and ass. After the first part the remainder of this clip is all bare pussy and ass ogling as she shows it off first standing, with one leg up, bending over doggy style on top of the table, and then lying on her side on the table.

She Serves great Rub. 11:59

Now naked on top of the table Kelly slowly gets into the masturbation with some beautiful pussy rubbing action. For a slim girl she has quite wide and prominent pussy lips that frequently dominate the view. She doesn't really do any finger penetration as she just concentrates on rubbing her pussy which is is great for unobscured pussy viewing. Part way through she flips over onto her front with her legs wide open so you can gaze up her ass while she continues rubbing her pussy.

Kelly Cums for Dinner. ITC Favorite 9:38

The masturbation continues now with the addition of a little purple vibrating dildo. The action really gets fast and furious as Kelly was trying to make herself squirt. Though not quite successful there is some very nice creamy pussy juices and a hint of a squirt with a little trickle running down her slit. The action seems really quite genuine with visible pussy heaving and muscle contractions. Kelly gets an A for effort here as she really pumps it with all she's got.