231 Lindsey Meadows

232 Victoria Sweet

233 Prinzzess Sahara

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

A Thong by Kitty's in the Hall. 13:34

There's plenty of up skirt views in the first part of this clip as Victoria stands over your face displaying her miniscule panty thong that hides virtually nothing of her ass crack. Later we get more of the same great ass spreading views but without the skirt. You can almost see around the thong string to see her entire anus. She also wedges the front part of her panties right up between her pussy lips sometimes making it disappear between the lips. Near the end she removes her panties and you get a quick look at all her private places completely exposed to your face.

Victoria's Sweet Clit. 12:41

Victoria starts her pussy rubbing session in a bend over position but soon turns over to sit leaning back on the chair for the remainder of this clip. There's a pretty even mix of clit rubbing and finger fucking throughout and you get a great view through all of her pussy and ass area as her ass hangs out over the edge of the chair. She slow frigs her pussy for quite some time before finally picking up the pace near the end.

Lip Teen's oogle Scoop. 6:25

This clip will be of special interest to those who love smooth bulging pussy lips. Victoria raises her legs together so that her pussy lips bulge nicely and she uses her fingers to squeeze them together even more. Her beautiful glistening pussy lips are as smooth as silk with not a blemish in sight. In the second half opens her pussy up using two fingers to spread her vagina open. The extreme close up view gives a nice look at her pretty pink vagina folds though the extreme close up is not as high quality as our main footage.

Cervix Station Czech up. 6:43

Victoria poses leaning back on the chair with her pussy spread wide open with a speculum. The inside view gives a nice well lit look at all the inside workings of her vagina and it even moves around as she flexes her muscles. In the second half she flips over to pose on her knees with the speculum still gaping her vagina wide open. She squirms around a bit in this position and you can frequently see all the way up to her cervix as we get the light up there even though it is a more distant shot.