230 Kina Kai

231 Lindsey Meadows

232 Victoria Sweet

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Tubber Wear. 8:40

Standing beside the bath tub Lindsey strips off her top and shorts to pose in her white semi-transparent panties. She gets into the bath while still wearing her panties and dips her ass in the water making the panties a little bit more transparent. With her panties all dripping wet on her glistening ass she stands up and pulls her panties up tight giving herself quite a wedgy and a cameltoe with her panties clearly outlining the shape of her pussy lips.

Writhe and Shine. ITC Favorite 5:30

Now fully naked in the bath Lindsey gets down on her knees and on her front and just shows off her great ass bobbing up and down in the water. There's some spectacular bend over posing with her bare ass high in the air as she dribbles water down her ass crack. Her ass looks truly amazing every time she lifts it up out of the water.

Decunter Act. 8:15

Lindsey dribbles a thick honey-like soap on her boobs and rubs it in until it reaches a thick rich lather. She rinses off using a glass decanter and then repeats the act on her ass while bending over. Once again there's some nice ass bobbing with her butt raising up out off the water. In the last part lying on her back she lifts her pussy up out of the water and uses the decanter to pour water over her pussy. In the close up view you can see her inner lips fluttering under the flow of the water.

Dry like an Egyptian. 3:03

With her bath now finished Lindsey dries off with a bright red towel all the while managing to not hide her ass with the towel, though she does briefly slide the towel back and forth between her legs and under her ass. There's plenty of nice ass views in this clip as you see her back side for virtually the whole duration. After drying off she gives you one big ass spread standing over your face.

Flow Peein' Tube. 2:23

Sitting on the edge of the bath tub Lindsey is kind of giggly and goofy as she tries to pee. After eking out a brief but nice pee she rinses off her pussy using the shower head.

The Milky Way. ITC Favorite 4:32

Standing naked in the bathtub Lindsey uses the decanter to pour milk all down her body with beautiful white streams snaking through every crevasse. The low angle rear view is really spectacular as you see the milk stream curve around right under her ass flowing right over her anus and through her pussy lips. It is amazing how the milk stream clings to her underside and accents her feminine curves. This may be one of the prettiest things we've shot in a long time.