204 Layla Rivera & Karlie Montana

205 Lana Lopez

206 Satine Phoenix

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

There's barely enough adjectives to describe how lovely Lana is. She's a real sweetheart in person and one of the prettiest girls in pictures and video. Her mixed ethnic background may be to thank for her beautiful exotic looks. Virtually any of these clips could have been considered an inthecrack favorite.

Scene 1

Teal Black the Panties. ITC Favorite 16:27

The lovely Lana Lopez sends some time just teasing in her teal and black panties and bra. After a while her panties come down around her thighs and she gives you some beautiful curvy poses with her naked pussy and ass sticking out in the open. The pose lying on her side is really gorgeous with her spread ass squirming and protruding out beautifully. She also gets on her knees with her bare ass in the air and all her pretty places out in the open for inspection. Later she poses on her back with her legs in the air and her panties half way up her thighs. She shows some truly beautiful form and she is one of the prettiest girls we have ever shot.

A Little Dabble Do'er. 14:52

Still on her back with her panties half way up her thighs Lana has a little pussy dabbling and fondling session. It's relatively calm and leisurely action yet so very pretty as we get some excellent close up views of her gorgeous pussy lips. Later she progresses to a small blue vibrator and she eventually starts to seep beautiful creamy pussy juice as her pussy gets more excited. At the end there's a brief bit of pussy spreading and a little ass viewing as she rolls over onto her front.

The Buttcracker Suite. 6:50

While lying on her front Lana invites you to have a close look up her lovely ass. At first there's a bit of ass squirming with her legs wide open. Soon she stops moving so you can get right up her ass for a fantastic clear view in her ass crack. She lightly squeezes her anus muscle to enhance the view and then caresses her anus with her finger. It's a beautiful clip for soaking in a lovely smooth ass and ogling her anus in action. The brief bit of talking at the beginning and end is quite sexy.

This is some Good Fit. 13:40

Panty lovers in here.... Lana comes to her shoots with an enormous selection of outfits for us to choose from. Considering she had tons of nice panties we wanted to use we just had her try on a bunch of them for us on video. Her panty modeling session involves 4 pairs of panties with lots of stand up, lie down, and bend over posing while we inspect the fit around her beautiful ass and crotch. She talks to you quite a bit in this clip and there's a few beautiful smiles with nice eye contact.

The Swish Alps. ITC Favorite 9:18

We simply couldn't help but get her to fondle her bum cheeks some more while we gaze straight up her ass from below soaking in the beautiful bumscape. While standing over your face Lana does lots of outstanding ass spreading, often letting her cheeks bounce almost right on your face. Her fingers swishing over her butt cheeks generate some really pretty bounce motion with the perspective of being almost in her ass crack. Ass worship doesn't get much nicer than this.