203 Holly Morgan

204 Layla Rivera & Karlie Montana

205 Lana Lopez

Shoot Location: St Thomas, Virgin Islands

You might expect a night shoot like this to have grainy video quality but that is absolutely not the case here. In fact we get some of our most outstanding video quality with beautiful lighting and crystal clear details. Though there are 2 girls together in this video it is NOT a lesbian video due partly to the fact Layla did not have a valid test at the time.\r\n

Scene 1

Girls Night out. 6:33

In a beautiful night time setting by the pool Layla and Karlie strip each other's bathing suits off. There's lots of playful talking and giggling throughout this clip along with some ass spreading and exploring each other's bodies.

Water we doing Tonight. ITC Favorite 8:30

Now the girls go for a swim in the pool and just frolic around displaying lots of playful personality. We actually get right in the pool with them so you have the perspective of swimming around with the girls. In the second half they end up lying on the half submerged chairs at the shallow part of the pool with their asses sticking up out of the water. It ends with a really nice up the ass view one girl after the other as they dribble water down each other's cracks. While not involving any sexual action nor that much nude pussy and ass viewing we still highly recommend this one just because of the absolutely fantastic lighting and video quality along with the beautiful set.

That's Hair Assment. 6:57

While Karlie still lies with her ass half out of the water Layla gives her somewhat of an ass massage. It soon becomes obvious that Layla is completely clueless when it comes to giving a massage yet it's all quite humorous. Before long Layla starts dangling her hair in Karlie's ass crack tickling her ass hole with her hair. The mood remains very playful with Karlie frequently clenching her butt checks to grip Layla's hair as she pulls it through her crack. At the end you can see Karlie's ass hole flexing in and out as she tries to snag Layla's hair tip with her anus.

Missile Antics. ITC Favorite 9:19

Layla turns over onto her back and Karlie helps her stuff a toy missile up her pussy. The girls have one hell of a fun time repeatedly stuffing the toy up Layla's pussy and then shooting it out as Layla clenches her vagina muscles to shoot the missile out in the air. It's all giddy laughter and silliness almost from beginning to end with excellent video quality throughout.