194 Erin Avery

195 Lana Lopez

196 Lilly Lux

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

This video is shot in a really fantastic outdoor set in front of a beautiful country house. The birds are chirping and the video quality is stunning. The lovely model is no slouch either as Lana is fast becoming one of our favorites. In person Lana is the sweetest girl with impeccable soft spoken manners and adorable character - something unfortunately not so common amongst typical adult movie stars.

Scene 1

Zippin' Around. ITC Favorite 11:56

The lovely Lana spreads out her picnic blanket on the lawn in front of the house and does a delicious slow strip tease wearing her fabulous blue and pink jean shorts. You'll have a hard time containing your excitement when you see how her sexy zipper curves all the way under her pussy and right up through her ass crack. We take our time to thoroughly examine her very unique shorts with her ass cheeks spilling out the back. She very deliberately unzips her shorts bending over on her knees with the zipper separating right up through her ass crack and she spreads it open with all her naked pretty places peeking out of her shorts.

Country Bumkin. 6:38

This segment of video is just for those who want to stare up Lana's naked bum and ogle her beautiful places. Amongst other poses her bend over poses are particularly nice with her naked ass squirming in the air.

Not your Average Picnic. ITC Favorite 13:07

Now the real dildo picnic begins, first with some warm up finger masturbation and then with a big pink dildo. There's many nice positions with Lana lying on her back and front and on her knees with her ass in the air and lying on her side. The video quality is really outstanding with lots of vibrant colors and crisp details. Her moist pussy lips glisten in the sun as she works up some excitement generating a nice slick of creamy pussy juice that oozes down her ass crack.