193 August

194 Erin Avery

195 Lana Lopez

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

I see your Panties. 7:15

We see Erin in the library wearing a very nice form fitting black dress. This is a fairly slow paced tease with lots of beautiful leg teasing and panty views. You spend a good amount of time virtually in her lap looking up her dress at her lacy black panties. The last view is particularly nice as Erin removes her panties and poses standing with her dress pulled all the way up to her breasts showing off her nude form under her classy dress.

You Knead to Study More. 9:15

While Erin poses standing with her dress pulled right up we get down under her ass and have a good ogle all through her naked pussy and ass while she spreads her cheeks open. On close inspection Erin is perhaps not as flawless as many models though her form is very nice. She's a little bit quiet with perhaps some lack of inspired acting but there's certainly no lack of great spread pussy and ass views. You get to thoroughly soak your brains in her naked girlie bits non stop from beginning to end.

Slacking Off. 13:01

Erin now gets fully naked and poses first standing and then doggy style on the bench. When she turns to sit on the bench a couple of little pussy fart leak out and a little more personality shows for a brief moment. Then while leaning back on the bench with her ass hanging off the edge in mid air Erin has a brisk little pussy rub with your face lodged between her spread legs. Before long she introduces a red vibrating dildo into the scene to continue her masturbation session. There's a beautiful little dollop of white creamy girlie juice that leaks out of her vagina and sits near her ass hole through most of this clip. Just when you think she's finished she starts up again and you get a great view of all the action from the front row seat right between her open thighs.

The Final Exam. 5:17

Now that she's done masturbating Erin just holds all her private places open while gripping her butt cheeks for your inspection. There's no deliberate vagina spreading though it does pop open as she spreads her ass cheeks. In the first part she is leaning back on the chair but the majority of this has Erin flipped over with her ass up and in doggy position.