187 Erin Avery

188 Georgia Jones

189 Layla Rivera

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Been a Hard Day at Work. 8:18

In the dining room Georgia casually strips out of her business suit to show you her tight little figure. There's only a brief bit of ass crack views at the end but otherwise it's all tease with up skirt views, panty tease and some nice boob play. Georgia may seem a little serious and severe since she doesn't smile at all which gives the impression she's had a hard day at work.

Under Appreciated. 8:45

Now sitting backwards on the chair we take some time to thoroughly appreciate Georgia's gorgeous underside as her naked pussy and ass hang right out in the air over top of your face. It's a fantastic view almost like a toilette cam view but without the toilette seat as her bare ass just hangs in mid air while she spreads it and squirms around. She really gets her ass sticking out a long way and it's nothing but beautiful spread pussy and ass completely filling your screen. Later she gets up on the table top on her knees and then on her side with more non stop naked pussy and ass ogling.

She's Flossed it. ITC Favorite 16:56

And now the real action begins. After a brief bit of pussy fondling Georgia removes her pearl necklace and uses it as a toy flossing it back and forth through her pussy lips. She briefly stuffs the pearls inside her pussy and then goes back to flossing her lips. While lying on her side she gets the pearls moving really good with enormous lengths of pearls whizzing through her crack sometime completely buried between her lips and vibrating over her clit. There's some beautiful intense action in this clip as she builds up lots of excitement virtually flossing her pussy raw and getting a serious workout for her arms. At the end she stuffs the pearls all the way up her vagina until they all disappear.