186 Karlie Montana

187 Erin Avery

188 Georgia Jones

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

This video is undoubtedly not one of our best videos ever as there's a little bit of a lack of inspiration and passion. Erin's skin is not as smooth and flawless as we'd like though she is an attractive girl with some nice redeeming qualities.

Scene 1

Averybody has Flaws. 18:13

This clip takes a pretty casual pace with Erin just posing in various different ways first standing, then sitting in the chair and then lying on the bed. Though she keeps her lingerie skirt and top on she is pantyless for the whole duration thus giving you lots of nice bare crack views. She's pretty quiet throughout though she does tend to keep a nice smile on her face and there is some nice eye contact. Erin's complexion may not be perfect but this may still hit the spot if you just like some nice pussy and ass views regardless.

Erin't you just Dabbling? 5:01

While lying back on the bed with her legs wide open Erin has a brisk little pussy rub with some occasional finger insertion as well. She builds up a little excitement though there is no obvious orgasm.

Certainly Buzzable. 5:37

Erin continues the masturbation now with a blue vibrator. She mostly just jams it against her clit and sometimes dabbles her finger in her vagina. Again there is no real obvious orgasm though it does seem that she genuinely has a nice time with the toy.

Cunt you see? 4:51

Erin has a little fidget in her pussy with two fingers spreading it open for some nice close up inside views. We get a nicely detailed view of her pee hole area and about the first inch of her open vagina.

It's all Speculation. 2:06

Erin splits her pussy all the way open with a speculum letting you view all the way down to her cervix. We get a pretty nice clear view of her cervix and it's all caked in creamy pussy snot. We were experimenting with different camera and lighting arrangements in this clip. The light was actually too small for the lens so there's a pretty substantial vignette (black areas on the edge of the picture) on the close up video.