184 Deena Daniels

185 Devi Emmerson

186 Karlie Montana

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

All Grow'd up now. 15:19

Devi poses in the bedroom wearing only her pretty pink panties and matching shoes. After teasing you in the standing pose she gets on the bed and there's a long series of fantastic ass up poses showing her immaculate form and smooth skin. Her panties stay on for a while but then we get some extensive bare ass views through all of the second half of this clip with some spectacular posing. There are some minor focus issues on the odd occasion.

Aren't you the Cheeky one? 4:44

This clip starts with a close look at Devi's very feminine and beautiful pink shoes and then pans up to her gorgeous ass. She spreads her ass beautifully squirming it all around while you gaze up her crack admiring her fabulous form.

Caught Wet Handed. ITC Favorite 11:27

Now on the bed Devi has a beautiful finger masturbation session with lots of moist 2 , 3 and 4 finger insertion. You'll enjoy the way her pussy lips bulge around her probing fingers. Though she lies on her back for most of this there is also a nice segment with Devi lying on her front with her ass squirming in the air as she rubs her pussy. Then back to her original position she frigs her pussy to a beautiful quivering orgasm with some pretty pussy juice gathering around her fingers at the entrance of her vagina through her orgasm.

My First Toy. ITC Favorite 10:02

Now using a nice red vibrator Devi continues masturbating slowly dipping the toy all the way into her pussy. We get some beautiful clear close up views, especially near the beginning, showing her immaculate form all around her pussy and ass area. After a while she gradually speeds up the action until she is franticly pumping her pussy to yet another fantastic quivering orgasm and you once again see a little trickle of girlie goo running down her crack as she cums. At the end she delicately dabs her finger on her sensitive clit causing herself to twitch and quiver as she comes down from her orgasm.

'Emmersome Nice Spreads. 6:42

This clip is entirely spread vagina views as Devi pries her pussy open with 2 fingers. At first she didn't quite know where to put her fingers but later on she gets her fingers moving around to show off her moist pink vaginal walls squirming around between her probing fingers.