183 Layla Rivera

184 Deena Daniels

185 Devi Emmerson

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Deena was a last minute replacement when our scheduled model flaked on us this day. She's not the type of model we would typically go for but those who have requested the girl next door type will be happy.

Scene 1

Patio Peel. 10:03

Deena strips out of her green top and white skirt and panties beside the pool. There's some very nice boob close up views as she fiddles with her nipples. After she gets naked we see her moist pussy up close and glistening in the sun as she begins to fondle herself. The setting and video quality on this video are absolutely outstanding. The colors in the pool and sky are really vibrant and there's a nice water trickling sound in the background throughout.

Clench Juice. 11:19

Deena lies back in the chair and works her pussy with a black and white vibrator getting quite juicy with several apparently really orgasms. As she jams the vibrator against her clit you can see her pussy muscles clenching with her orgasmic contractions. In the last part Deena hangs her ass right off the edge of the chair for a different view as she continues masturbating. Depending on how you see this there may be as many as 3 or 4 orgasms in this footage.

Sunshine through the Crack. 3:45

This is all two finger pussy spreading with lots of nice close up views looking inside her vagina. The sun shines right up her vagina sometimes giving some well lit moments and other time making some awkward shadows.

Deena Dip. 4:25

Deena takes a dip in the pool starting with a big canon ball and then swims around in the pool. There's nothing particularly sexy about this other than a nice girl swimming around in the pool. There is however one really nice ass shot when she stands up with her ass just out of the water. The water droplet running down her ass next to the blue rippling water makes for a really beautiful shot.