180 Georgia Jones

181 Holly Morgan

182 Ariel X

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Good'n Morgan. 12:43

Standing in the living room Holly strips out of her white shorts and lacy panties and gives you a big eyeful of naked pussy and ass standing over your face. At first she might not seem so special but when those panties come off the magic begins as you'll be wowed by her beautiful flawless undercarriage. Everything down there is super clean, smooth and curvy and worthy of a good power ogle as she bends over on her knees to show it all.

Holly Cow. ITC Favorite 14:25

We're certainly not suggesting that she's a cow with this title but "holy cow" is what you'll be saying when you see the great gob of creamy white girl goo that comes oozing out of her pussy when she gets excited. The clip starts with some moderate finger masturbation while she lies on her side with her fabulous flawless pussy and ass out in the open in front of your face. She moves her ass right off the edge of the couch to continue masturbating giving you a fantastic pussy and ass view with her ass hanging in the air. She then brings in a red vibrating dildo to pump her pussy producing lots creamy pussy juice. Before long the dildo is totally caked in her thick white pussy cream and it all runs down her butt crack and drips on the floor. The scene ends with some nice spread pussy views and then we pan down to the puddle of pussy goop on the floor.