179 August

180 Georgia Jones

181 Holly Morgan

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Just Meshin' with ya. 22:44

Georgia wears a holey dress with no panties on underneath so you can see everything right through it. We get a nice close up view of her nipples sticking through the holes in her dress before moving down to inspect her tight little ass. There's lots of standing spread ass posing and then she moves onto the couch with her ass in the air showing off her underside some more. Over the next 10 minutes or more Georgia strikes one pose after another all with her pussy and ass right out in the open and your eyes glued on her undercarriage the whole time. There's not a whole lot of action but there is tons of great pussy and ass ogling.

Sit n' Split. 5:45

You see Georgia sitting on the floor on her knees for a while before she spreads her legs wide open and does the splits with her legs straight out side to side. It's a great pose for showing off her fabulous form and flexibility.

Twat you doing? 9:22

Georgia lies back on the couch for a little pussy fiddling session with lots of 2 and 3 finger frigging and pussy rubbing. She gets quite enthusiastic for a while squirming and grinding out a good pussy rubbing before calming down at the end.

Seeping up with the Jones'. 9:55

Georgia brings out a blue vibrator and starts masturbating all over again this time enthusiastically thrusting the toy in and out of her pussy. She gets quite a bit more juicy now as you see her white creamy girl goo seeping out of her pussy and down over her anus. The action gets quite a but more vigorous in this clip as she grinds her pussy to a crashing orgasm with more girlie juice flooding out over her ass hole.