1850 Lia Lin

1851 Alexis Crystal

1852 Loren Sun

Shoot Location: Provence, France

Scene 1

Rump gets in Peached. 10:05

It’s been a couple of years since we last shot with Alexis and her figure has fulled out a little bit since then, in a good way. Her butt pops quite nicely out of her peach coloured one piece silk outfit. This scene has a rather nice rainy day ambience with the open door letting the outdoor sounds in.

Watch Crystal. ITC Favorite 16:31

Alexis is all nude now except for her shoes. She does a really outstanding ass show standing over your face including some beautiful butt jiggles and slaps and some pretty explicit close up spreading. See the last clip below for a replay of this in slow motion. Later she finds some imaginative ways to pose on the couch to show off her underside to the maximum. She is really quite talented at projecting her ass and pussy for the most revealing exposure. She gapes her pussy open very nicely on more than one occasion.

Healing Crystal. 8:37

Alexis uses a decorative glass dildo to fuck herself in a few different positions. Her last position is certainly the most interesting with her butt hanging off the edge of the couch in mid air. She is quite passionate in her action with lots of heavy breathing and hard pumping.

Slomo. 2:48

This is a slow motion replay of all the best jiggly bits from the Watch Crystal clip above. Most of this is also available as individual clips on the minivids page. There is no audio on this clip.