1806 Binky Baez

1807 Monika May

1808 Lilly Bella

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Scene 1

May Jamaica Miss Take. 9:00

Monika poses against a rather jungly background wearing her purple sparkly dress. She gives you multiple up skirt views with the dress pulled up while moving about on the patio. The panties take a centre stage roll through most of this striptease.

May the Lowered be with View. 17:45

Monika’s nude posing starts with the less common front side squat on your face before standing over your face in both front and rear view. These are certainly some interesting underneath views from the most revealing perspective. A little bit of sunlight filtering in through the jungle adds some nice light and a little depth to the scene. Later on she moves onto the table and shows off her ass and pussy with a very nice crab walk pose and various lying positions.

Play the Cum Monika. 7:57

Monika uses a fairly small rubber dildo to fuck her pussy while on top of the table. A very nice crab walk position gets her ass hanging close in front of your face, although the position doesn’t last so long. The action is pretty moderate but she comes to a quivering climax to finish it off.