1805 Casey Norhman

1806 Binky Baez

1807 Monika May

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

There’s a bit of white noise in the audio of the video due to the sound of the nearby ocean which is not visible in the video.

Scene 1

Watch a Bitch 'n a Butt. 5:34

Binky tends to hang out of her white micro shorts both naturally and intentionally. She appears a little unsure what to do with herself at times and so this tease is a bit rushed and short. What is exposed underneath is quite encouraging for further examination in the clips to follow.

Courtyard Ho Tail. 8:50

Binky is now bottomless and she gets right into the bend over position to show off her immaculate undercarriage with her perfectly flawless olive skin. There’s some more imaginative under shot poses with Binky squatting on the chair both in front and rear perspectives.

Jackin' Jewel went up the Thrill. 9:56

Binky uses a rather noisy jewel inlaid vibrator to fuck her pussy. There’s some very nice clear close ups sprinkled throughout this video beautifully displaying her very attractive pussy lips. She is not so gooey for much of this video but as the action heats up she rather suddenly has a very nice gob of pussy goo oozing out of her pussy.